Play4mance +

Top Corner Sports is proud to offer parents and students a safe, educationally driven, fun, and sports minded daily environment for our customers.

As sports people and educators, we understand the importance of the “educational piece” of this “new normal” childcare option.

Check out how we stand out from the rest:

  • We are offering options from kindergarten through third grade only.
  • We will be planning short games and field activities during breaks/lunch to keep kids active.
  • Our Play4mance + will have NO more than three groups of 8 children(Play4mance Pods). Once pods are formed, we will not add to them unless somebody leaves.
  • Our staff are mature and experienced (see below)
  • We have both inside and outside field space, and classroom/seating areas.
  • We currently have a private school under our roof.
  • Our staff will be assisting kids with their virtual learning needs and will maintain open lines of communication with the parents.

***We encourage any interested families to visit us for a tour and meet the staff. Schedule your visit by calling us today! 9087223333

Available Schedule/Times:

Full Day = 8:00 to 4:00pm

Half Day = 8:00-12;00 or 1:00-4:00pm

4-5 Days a Week, Full Day ($40/day) Half Day ($25/day)

3 Days a Week, Full Day ($45/day) Half Day ($30/day)

1-2 Day a Week, Full Day ($50/day) Half Day ($35/day)


A safe and structured environment for children throughout the day including individual educational work, socially interactive group read-aloud’s and art/crafts projects assisted by our qualified staff, in additional to on field sports and games breaks.


Masks will be required while children are in the “classroom” setting. Sports clothing should be wore as we will be using our education breaks to keep children physically active throughout the day.

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