Top Corner “TOCA”

The TOCA (Means “Touch”) machine precisely delivers balls at specified speeds, locations, and trajectories for an accelerated training experience.

  • Increases game-related to touches
  • Improves weaker foot technique
  • Develops control of flighted balls
  • Minimizes time between touches
  • Creates a mistake friendly environment

Perfecting your 1st First Touch: A good first touch is the foundation of every skill in soccer.

  • Simplifies decision-making
  • Builds control that is essential to playing away from pressure
  • Advances coordination, balance and technique
  • Develops ability to play with the head up

Training with the TOCA smaller ball:

  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Generates less wear and tear on the body
  • Creates technical challenge due to smaller sweet spot

  • The TOCA Trainer’s range of height is 0-45 degrees and the machine can deliver balls up to 50mph. The trainer is easily controlled from a Top Corner Smart Device which makes it easy for an individual’s experience.
  • The TOCA Ball is custom designed to be lighter and smaller than a standard soccer ball. The TOCA Ball is size 2(standard soccer balls are size 3, 4 or 5), and weighs almost half as much as a standard soccer ball.

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Below are the standard rates for a 45 minute session, which amounts to an average of 250 ball touches

Single TOCA Session $80
4-Session Package $280
8-Session Package $520

For more information and demosspecial group and team training rates, contact

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For more information and demosspecial group and team training rates, contact

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